Parent’s Corner

what do your kids do online

So what are your kids currently interested in online?

How many of your children like to:

  • Post to a social media site like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
  • Text or play games on your cell phone or their own phone?
  • Use Google to help with their homework?
  • Play computer games or games on a PlayStation or Nintendo 3DS?
  • Play in a virtual world like Club Penguin?
  • Download music from iTunes?
  • Watch videos on YouTube?
  • Download apps from the App Store or Google Play?


What Parents Can Do:

  • Talk with your child about online dangers, including sexual victimization
  • Spend time online with your child exploring positive sites and teaching responsible use of the Internet
  • Set limits with your child, determing when and how long to surf the Internet
  • Protect your password, which should be required to go online, and enter it for your child each time the Internet is used
  • Station computers with Internet access in the family areas of your residence – not in your child’s bedroom
  • Utilize blocking software or filtering services offered by many Internet Service Providers
  • Always maintain access to your child’s online account and randomly check his/her e-mail and Web browser history
  • Never give a child your credit card number; enter the number for your child if he/she is making an online purchase
  • Find out what computer safeguards are utilized by your child’s school, public library, and at homes of your child’s friends – all places where your child could encounter an online predator